ZKF had spearheaded a campaign as a catalyst to forge the strength of various individual nature / tree lovers in Islamabad in 2006-7 and succeeded to scrap the provincial govt of Punjab's plans at that time of developing the New Murree City at the cost of damaging 4111 acres of pristine pine reserve forest which is the water shed for river Jhelum on its east and the Rawal and Simly dams in its south. Both these dams are the major source of water supply to Rawalpindi and Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan. The Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan had taken a suo-moto notice of the press and TV reports and interviews of the activists and converted that as a Writ Petition, stayed the work on the said project and consequently, in 2008, the new elected government of the Punjab province outrightly scrapped the project. The major activists in this campaign who mattered included Dr.Isa Daudpota Ph.D, Mr. Athar Minnallah Advocate, Mr.Shafqat Abbassi MPA in Punjab Assembly, Mr.Arshad Abbassi from Murree and Mr. Abid Zareef Khan the President of the ZKF.