ERIC is a pioneer non-profit project of the Zareef Khan Foundation. It was established in January 1999 with the assistance and cooperation of the Australian Govt and the Australian Volunteers International (AVI). It provides basic Teacher Training courses and expands its activities to provide more comprehensive support and training for educators community members amongst locals in Pakistan (especially in KP), Afghan refugees and inside neighbouring Afghanistan.

ERIC was establisged by Sr. Patricia Kennedy, Ms. Anita Cole as founders and Ms. Angelika Weller as Patron. Faculty members include Ms. Farzana Nazli, Ms. Rahat Bibi, Ms Aqeela Azeem and Ms. Yumna Rana.

From June 1998 to December 1999, services of Ms.Anita Cole an Australian Volunteer from Brisbane can never be forgotten in the difficult period of establishment of ERIC and development of training courses alongside Sr. Patricia Kennedy. Similarly, services of Volunteer Teacher Trainers Ms.Geni Sexton from Melbourne (Oct' 2000 - Dec' 2002), Ms.Jenny Learmont from Canberra (Jan to July 2003), Ms.Diedre Roberts from Adelaide (Dec' 03 to Feb' 04), Mr.John Darren Green from UK (2002 & 2005), Ms.Fazila Aswat from South Africa (April to Oct 2007) and Consultants Ms.Sharon Wright & Ms.Geraldine Ditchburn (Perth) will always be remembered and cherished by all those who benefitted from their work and cultural exchanges.

ERIC could not have been established without the relentless and selfless support of Ms.Conny Lenneberg the former Head of Asia Bureau of the AVI and the management. Presently, she is the Head of Development of the World Vision International (Australia).


ERIC supports the community by providing the following.

1 In-service training to teachers and pre- service training to community members interested in pursuing teaching careers.
2 Basic training courses for teachers of informal schools whether community based, home or elsewhere. These courses have been tested successfully in ZKF projects.
3 Training for parents who wish to be more involved in their children's education.
4 Reference library for teachers which includes subject specific and education based resources.
5 Data base of trained teachers who are available for employment, to assist trainees in finding work and support private schools in their search for trained, capable staff.
6 Orientation programs for expatriate NGO staff to enable familiarisation with Pakistan's culture and languages as well as providing living skills and a working knowledge of the region.
7 Overseas education guidance and IELTS coaching classes.
8 Environmental tours for visitors to educate them about local culture, heritage, wildlife, flora & fauna as well as other social issues. Revenue from these tours is used to support ERIC project activities.

It is sad that the only profession which can be adopted without any training or skill in the private sector in Pakistan is Teaching. In order to find well trained teachers in the community, the respective Principals or Directors of these schools can refer all those applicants looking for teaching jobs to ERIC for pre and in-service training on their own cost so that they are given preference in selection for jobs. This is the least one can do to increase the number of trained teachers available for employment. ERIC services are available throughout NWFP on demand. Representatives and faculty members are also based in Abbottabad and Islamabad.

Teachers Training

ERIC offers Practical teacher training course consisting of three modules. Each module is very comprehensive.

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Emphasises the importance of reflection and planning in education. It comprises 24 contact hours covered in a mutually agreed & convenient period. Pre-service Module-A has an additional 12 hours practical components.

This Module includes following topics.

    • The Teacher's Role
    • The Aims of Schools
    • The Good Teacher
  • Learning and Planning SKILLS
    • Categories of Learning
    • Human Development
    • The Learning Environment
    • The Planning Process
    • Learning Objectives
    • Writing a Format for Daily Planning

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Provides opportunities for teachers to discover new teaching strategies and developing their instructional skills. This workshop incorporates a practical component where teachers are assessed on their lesson planning and teaching.

This Module includes following topics.

    • Beginning the Lesson
    • Concluding a Lesson
    • Questioning and Responding
    • Selecting and Using Instructional Resources
    • Broadcast Strategy
    • Drill Strategy
    • Exposition Strategy
    • Demonstration Strategy and others

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Develops the trainee's management skills and techniques for student evaluation and key concepts in evaluation. Module-C comprises of 30 contact hours covered in a mutually agreed & convenient period.

This Module includes following topics.

    • The Purposes of Evaluation
    • Key Concepts in Evaluation
    • Evaluative Techniques
    • Teacher-Made Tests
    • Interpreting Student Performance
    • Broadcast Strategy
    • Drill Strategy
    • Exposition Strategy
    • Demonstration Strategy and others

Spoken English Language

ERIC offers top class Teacher Training through its Australian trained faculty It is very unfortunate fact of life in Pakistan that despite highest educational qualification and even top position holders may not be able to speak or communicate in English language just because they did not get enough exposure to English. It is also an ironic fact that most job interviews in private and public sector are taken in English language. Hence a large segment of such candidates continue to lag behind in selections and thus remain un-employed. ERIC offers specially designed Spoken English courses which makes any educated person to be fluent in English after one month training.
ERIC offers specially designed Spoken English courses which makes any educated person to be fluent in English after one month training.

  • Basic Course Fee for one month period is Rs. 3000.
  • Advance Course Fee for one month is Rs. 10,000.
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