IDP Relief


ZKF  launched an appeal to the general public and donors to use the services of ZKF in delivering relief / food items to the most deserving IDPs in NWFP and also avail the opportunity of other specialised services offered by ZKF. This operation was headed by the President of ZKF who has worked worldwide for refugees when he worked for UNHCR from 1981 to 1988. He also headed the ZKF earthquake relief operation in 2005-06 and the flood releif operation in 2010.

Special Appeals:

  • General public to come forward and register their names for working as part time and full time volunteers on short and long terms. They may be of any age between 12 and above and of any skill and qualifications. They will be approached whenever needed.
  • Donations of any kind of used and new items as well as food and relief items are acceptable in ZKF office at 1- Nishtarabad, Peshawar as well as in Dr. Zareef Memorial School (ZMS). ZKF also offers to pickup donated items from your doorstep in Peshawar on just a call or email. These items can include new and old clothing for all ages, utensils, medicines and cooked / uncooked items.