Innovative Technologies



After four years of waiting, the first prototype of a room is built with earth filled plastic bottles on a hilly site in the eastern outskirts of Islamabad. This concept was brought to Pakistan in 2012 by the German origin Patron of ZKF Ms. Angelika Weller. Coincidentally, the concept of this technology is also a German national who has successfully built schools and homes in Africa and the Americas for last 15 years. For more information, visit: http://www.instructables.com/id/New-Innovation-in-Construction-using-Waste-Plastic/

ZKF plans to build its new ZKF Technical Education & Sports Complex in Peshawar mostly using this and other innovative construction methods. In order to encourage community participation, it is intended to advertise and encourage students of all levels in Peshawar to collect as many bottles (of fizzy drinks) as they can, fill them with earth or thick mud, write their name at the bottom with a marker and donate / drop it on the site so that when the structures are built, they can always see the bottles with their names for all times to come. This will also remind them and the future generations that they were part of this pioneer work in this whole region !!

Therefore, support is solicited from everyone young and old from any part of Pakistan or the world to support ZKF mission to spread and share the knowledge and skills of this and other innovative, appropriate and cheaper building technologies so that  not only  more and more homeless have a shelter but simultaneously help in useful disposal of plastic bottles whose life is estimated to be upto 400 years.

Services of volunteers and interns with variety of skills and qualifications are also welcome (e.g: Journalism, Public Relations, Civil Engineering, Marketing,  MBA etc etc).


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