ZAREEF KHAN FOUNDATION (ZKF) was established by Dr. Muhammad Zareef Khan (1902 - 1995) who was born in a village Ali Shah 20 kms north-east of Peshawar. He was a self made man who finished his primary education in village Tarru Jabba and completed his high school and college in Peshawar. He studied medicine in the King Edward's Medical College Lahore from 1923-28.He also qualified in Malariology and Public Health from the Malaria Survey of India Institute, Karnal, and University of Calcutta, India in 1933 & 1934 respectively. He served the humanity from 1928-58 in the government service and from 1958 to 1982 in his private clinic / surgery in part of the building which was his home built in 1940 and which now houses ZKF office and ERIC.

ZKF was registered with the government in 1988 under the Societies Act of 1860 as a non-profit NGO (Non- Government Organisation) aiming to work in such multi-sectoral projects which have a direct socio economic impact on the society. At present, its main projects are ZMS, ERIC, KNDP & PEN. From 1988-90, it promoted environment friendly clay-dome architecture for the rural areas which are traditionally popular in parts of Afghanistan and Iran. Project organisation is called Darvesh Builders which plans to build with private or donor money so that commissions are not to be paid.

ZKF promotes universal understanding and opportunities to work together in the interest of life on this planet and the promotion of peace. Australian & British volunteer professionals were working for various ZKF projects since 1994 from time to time. They were sent by the Australian Volunteers International (AVI) from 1994 to 2006. This region is now excluded from AVI operations as of 2006.

It is a pride for AVI, us all and Sr. Patricia Kennedy that she received an award from the Government of Australia for her services for the people of Pakistan. (click here to see the award). She continues to live in our memory  as she passed away in peace on 23rd March, 2009 in Adelaide due to a long intermittent illness of five years. She served as a volunteer till April, 2008 in an individual capacity even after the AVI contract ended in 2006 and promoted religious and cultural understanding. The school library was also named after her ever since.

ZKF shares its Head office in Islamabad which at present, is being relocated and an independent sub-office at 1-Nishtarabad, G.T Road, Peshawar, Pakistan. In pursuit of its objectives, ZKF has so far received funds from or completed assignments for the AusAID, Australian High Commission and UNESCO, Islamabad, S.F.F and Development in Literacy (DIL)-USA , UNICEF, Peshawar and Islamic Relief, Kabul, Afghanistan besides individual philanthropists. It has been a policy of ZKF so far not to chase any donor money or organisation but work with those who have approached ZKF first and whose agenda and mission is compatable with ZKF. This also proves the point if serious and honest NGOs / Donors can also find serious and honest implementing partners or not. The culture of donor driven NGOs needs to be changed someday and local philinthropy channelised towards constructive and fruitful objectives. More Details