Dr. Zareef Memorial School

Dr. Zareef Memorial School (DZMS) is one of the pioneer non-profit projects of the ZKF established in 1988 at 1-Nishtarabad. From September 1995 to June 2015, It had moved to a rented building and now it has been reshifted back to 1-Nishtarabad. In the year 2000, its name was changed as the Dr. Zareef Memorial School (DZMS) which gradually grew up to the usual Matriculation level (Class-10) by 1999. DZMS had a strength of 680 mixed students on its rolls upto 2012 but by April 2014, it came down to 200 when the new session started. This was due to certain policy changes by the management which included bringing down the level of the School to Class-7 from 10.

The mission of DZMS is to impart good quality education to the children of lower middle & middle class citizens of mostly the eastern periphery of Peshawar and also building the wholesome personality of the students.




The school policy endeavours to produce such youth who will seriously consider to adopt the professions in the field of Biodiversity, Teaching and Sports besides others. Field trips to wildlife parks, pheasantries, industries and museums are organised besides art and speeches on the subject. DZMS mission may seem different then most schools in Pakistan because it aims to build the personality of a child as a whole rather than only bookish knowledge.

Standards Achieved

DZMS is the only School in its category in the country which has proudly achieved the following standards.

1 Spoken English from age seven.
2 Independent thinking approach from age four.
3 Child Centered Learning methodologies from beginning.
4 Every child is a public speaker in English and Urdu languages after age six.
5 Every child capable of doing project work after age nine.
6 Art and current affairs part of the curriculum.
7 Use of library from age seven.
8 Introduction to computers from age eight.
9 Best teacher-student ratio.
10 Cool School (conflict resolution by students).

Technical Education & Sports Complex

Dr. Zareef Memorial School has been functioning in a rented building for over two decades. In the first phase, 5.5 acres of land has been acquired opposite the Peshawar Toll Plaza on M-1 motorway at the cost of approx Rs.600 million from the kind donation of a ZKF Patron Ms. Angelika Weller. The perimeter wall costing Rs.1.6 million is also completed. Further funds need to be raised to finance the buildings and the infrastructure. It is planned to construct a new building for school in a clean and healthy environment. The new building should be designed to meet all the school needs and the premises should have enough space for play grounds and parking etc & should be big enough to accommodate 1000 students.

It is also planned that separate units for Vocational Training and Teacher Training should also be built in the new school and the whole facility be called ZKF Technical Education & Sports Complex which should be registered with the Technical Education Board so that after class six Technical Education is offered to both boys and girls. This change in direction was necessitated to induce the students to adopt a technical skill and also add dignity to skilled work.

Sports Activities

1 Promote sporting activities as a speciality which other schools are not providing.
2 Grounds will be used for nurturing sporting talent of the district / province to produce future champions in Boxing, Martial Arts, Football, and Cricket initially and guide them in the future how to be professionals..
3 Services of a National School Cricket Champion team coach as well as services of former Captains and Coaches of Pakistan Football team are at hand.

Friends of DZMS

1 Kamal Majidulla Karachi
2 Ferozeh Kamal Karachi
3 Sohail Usman Ali Karachi
3 Maj (R) Arif Hashmi Karachi
3 Dr. Sohaib Zareef Karachi
3 Ibrahim Shinwari Peshawar

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